Published flute choir works by Lewis A. Kocher
The flute ensemble music of Lewis A. Kocher may be purchased at any of the following sites, as well as other national and international distributors:
"Winter's Journey" on the internet
"Aire" on the internet
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Flute Choir, West Flanders, Belgium
As a choral work (the choral version is currently unpublished)
Entravessats flute choir, Gandia, Spain
National Flute Choir, North Carolina
Gulf Coast Flute Choir, Florida
Windham Flute Ensemble, New Hampshire
Tampa Bay Flute Choir, Florida
CHS Flute Choir, Illinois

A tribute video to "Winter's Journey". This video does not contain the music to "Winter's Journey" but rather, contains music by one of my favorite modern composers: Ryuichi Sakamoto. This video was made by the Entravessats Flute Choir in Gandia, Spain, in honor of completing their first music video, "Winter's Journey."

Winter's Journey choral version, CrowTower Youth Choir, Pennsylvania

Winter's Journey choral version, RCS High School Chorus, Selkirk NY

Olana (currently unpublished) on the internet
Les flutistes de Montreal, Canada
Lewis A. Kocher's "At The Renaissance Faire" has been selected as one of the "Best of the Best" pieces in the National Flute Association's publication, "Selected Flute Quartets".

As we scrutinized the selected materials for currency and relevance, we held always to our twin mantras: "Best of the Best" and "Love It, Use It." At every turn we demanded that each work selected fulfill both criteria: that each work considered by us, from our daily experience in the studio, be the best of the available teaching materials, and be a work which we genuinely love and use in our own teaching.
---National Flute Association
"Selected Flute Quartets"

Kansas City Flute Choir

Tarpon Springs LCFA Flute Choir

"Lucia's Light" (currently unpublished flute and piano work)

The Piper and the Cow (currently unpublished)

" The Wind" flute and piano
" Eternal Springs" flute ensemble
"Whence Comes This Rush of Wings" flute and piano

"Coventry Carol"
flute duet

Magic Flutes NZ
Auckland, New Zealand
(Recording only;
no video
Les flutistes de Montreal, Canada; recording only - no video

"Medieval Dance" No video; recording only

"Snowy Hills" No video; recording only