As a freelance writer, Lewis' works have appeared in music magazines, art magazines, and reminisce-styled magazines. He has written stage works that have been performed, and has written an unpublished children's book. He is currently writing two novels.

Below you will find samples of his prose and other writings. All works are (c)2017 Lewis A. Kocher. If you wish to reproduce any of the works please contact Lewis: lewis@crowtower.com

i stood lonesome in the snow
a pear tree somber sad
barren the season had passed

no companion but the air
no friend but the ice
no warmth of love

then a sound not wind
but wings
are you an angel

i am a partidge she said
not from heaven afar
but in my flight to seek a star
partridge partridge pear

the Child in a stable wants a pear
a pretty pretty pear
i have come to bring one there
partridge partridge pear

i have none to give i said
summer gone autumn too
branches dry

nothing to share
but my loneliness
no gift to give

God will provide she said
and one small tear she shed
partridge partridge pear

it wet my branch wth warmth of love
and springing there
a ripe and lucious golden pear
partridge partridge pear

with golden gift she flew away
to where that precious Child lay
partridge partridge pear

the gift she left me
gift of joy
for then i knew

a lone pear tree yes
but never alone
never alone
partridge partridge pear

the star repeated
never alone
partridge partridge pear

partridge partridge pear
a christmas prose
How many blackberries
Will make a pie?
I have picked them;
If you make the pie
We will share it, you and I.

The berries hid
Where rain met dew;
The geese honked
The goldfinch flew,
The eagles squealed as I picked.

How many blackberries will make a pie?

Can summer be found,
Can Lammas last,
In a small black berry?
I taste summer
I taste the harvest...

How many blackberries will make a pie?

I will pick
You will bake
Together we will take
One slice
Then share with friends.

Tell me:
How many blackberries will make a pie?
If I had an hour with you
Just an hour
Time itself would know why it was born
And what it was meant to do.

A simple hour all alone
Beneath a tree
You'd hold your breath as I held you, then
Together we'd breathe free.

It need not be with passion's fire
Just its Spirit
A finger's touch, a loving gaze
Are fire enough to live;

Some people live an entire life
And never live at all,
I just need that single hour
To know what life should be.
An Hour
Colors bold
Let the wheel turn
Winter's cold
And the wheel turns;
Fires bright
Let the wheel turn
Equal night
And the wheel turns;

Samhain, Yule,
Imbolc too:
Cold earth grows to warm.
Ostara's perfume
Flowers true:
Each thing in its turn.

Lambkins bleat
Let the wheel turn
Berries sweet
And the wheel turns;
Sun holds sway
Let the wheel turn
Equal day
And the wheel turns;

Beltane, Midsummer
Lammas grain:
Warm earth turns to cold
Mabon bringing
Chilling rain:
Changing, as of old.
The Wheel of the Year
A perfumed breeze caressed my soul,
She breathed so lightly on my neck
I scarce knew
Scarce dreamed
Scarce hoped
A kiss she whispered there?

Oh highest hope
Oh highest dream
Oh purest form of love;
An angel stooped
Her cheek touched mine:
A kiss she whispered there.
The Kiss
Stars bright as day
Shine on snow, light my way
And lead me to pathways of white:
Shining through the night -
Shimmering in my sight.

Call from afar
Shining snow, sparkly stars
To guide all my steps in the night:
Shining soft and white
Shimmering points of light.

On this winter's journey
All my thoughts will be here with you.

Diamonds up high
Diamonds around me
Light up the sky,
Lights on the ground;

On this winter's journey
All my thoughts will be here with you.

Snow sparkly shimmering
Falling and glimmering
Blowing and flowing and glowing their shine.

Wind softly sifting
And breezing and lifting
And whirling and twirling this glad heart of mine.

Stars bright as day
Shine on snow, light my way
And lead me to pathways of white:
Shining through the night -
And they're shimmering cool and bright...
Snow is shining soft and white.
Winter's Journey
You are not alone
We touch the fruit
The tree draws back
We seek to drink
The water recedes
We seek relief
What is better
To struggle or die
What drives us on
To live and suffer
What is stronger than pain


And so we suffer on
I once saw a fairy
And wondered just where he
Would go when he’d see
A big person like me.

Would he think it good
To hide in the woods?
Or maybe to fly
Way up high in the sky?

But he just sat and looked
And thought to himself:
“Will that big person run
When he sees this small elf?”

I wasn’t the one
Who wanted to run;
And neither was he
As he sat by his tree.

So I smiled and stayed
Where we had fun and played.
Although I was tall
And he was so small;

We learned in the end
We each had a friend:
And neither was scary;
Not me, not the fairy.
Fairy Encounter
(for my cousin Jane)
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